poem - starboard vow

Almost two weeks ago, my friend posted a photograph that immediately brought me back to my first summer in Italy, when I snapped this shot of a serene sailboat in the distance. Memories flooded my mind the whole day, reminiscing a summer filled with singing, inspiration, and lifelong dreams realized. I felt immersed in gratitude. 

Early the next morning, this little poem poked me awake and raced out of me: 


If I were a small sailboat
Out upon the horizon
I would be a sapphire blue
On the glittering silver sea
The wind would carry me
Straight along the curve of this Earth
Into your eyes; gently billows
Through the windows to your sympathetic soul.
If you would
Dare an adventure
With me, come aboard
We'll chase the zephyr into eternity.

~MB, July 2017

Monika BealComment